Application Archiving Candidates

Businesses striving for lean operational budgets are prime candidates for application archiving. Businesses today are trying to do more with less. Application archiving can help to drastically reduce the operational cost of your IT budget. Legacy applications abound in business today and they are VERY EXPENSIVE to maintain. Factoring in maintenance costs, license costs, support costs, data center costs, human resource costs, and lost opportunity costs, legacy applications have a significant impact on the IT budget. Application archiving allows you to maintain access to the current application data while shedding the majority of the operational cost. The regained capital can be used to fund other strategic initiatives.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are prime candidates for application archiving due to the redundancy of applications that are acquired during the merging of two companies. Creating the lean business model quickly is important to reduce cost and show value. By archiving redundant systems data can still be available for query while operational cost can be lowered. High employee turnover also occurs during a M&A. Because of this turnover, there is immense brain drain around current running applications. It is imperative to capture the system knowledge before these resources leave. Application Archiving can help reduce operational cost and document important system information.

Data Center consolidation efforts are prime candidates for application archiving. There is a push today to reduce the number of data centers that large corporations and government entities are running. A first step in this consolidation process could be application archiving. By archiving legacy applications, a significant cost reduction can be realized. Since application archiving uses a central repository, it also facilitates the movement of many applications to a consolidated data center.