Our Process

At truSYZYGY we have developed an archiving process and strategy that will help you quickly archive legacy applications allowing you to speed to your ROI. We know the financial drain that legacy applications have on your IT budget. We have the expertise to help you navigate the Application Archive process allowing you to turn that year over year financial drain into year over year funding that can support other development efforts. We approach application archiving from a partnering perspective so we are working towards the goals that bring the greatest benefit to your business.

MarbleApplication Archiving is a strategic business process that will help you revolutionize how you spend your IT budget. The Application Archiving process is broken into 4 key elements. First, is to inventory your application portfolio creating a list of archive targets. Second, is to conduct a proof of concept (POC) by archiving one application identified during the portfolio assessment process. Third, is to build an archive factory process that can be repeated and audited. Fourth, is to establish an application archiving governance board to create a consistent archiving process to continuously assess your application portfolio new archiving targets.

Application Portfolio Assessment

To know the value of application archiving, you need to understand your application portfolio, the cost of that application, underlying technology, support structure (personnel, software, hardware), and how it fits into the corporate strategic technology direction, etc. Based on these type of factors, you can build an archive strategy targeting specific high value applications that will speed your ROI. In addition, other artifacts will be gathered to build an information repository for each application. Developing the application portfolio assessment is a valuable deliverable in and of itself. In a survey conducted by Forrester of 205 IT decision makers, 71% of them admitted they would benefit greatly from a formal assessment of their application portfolio.

Proof Of Concept (POC)

We at truSYZYGY want you to be comfortable and confident in the application archiving process. Performing a POC from one of the applications identified during the application portfolio assessment process will give you peace of mind in the application archive process. This will allow you to experience the process firsthand and gauge the value it brings to your organization.

Archive Factory

The Archive Factory is the follow on to the POC. During the archive factory process, we hone the skills learned during the POC. Our intent is to make this phase run like a factory process moving consistently from phase to phase for each application that will be archived. The expected artifacts and archiving process becomes very with the archiving team and the archiving process establishes a smooth consistent cadence.

Archive Governance Board

Similar to the factory concept for archiving applications, the need for governance should become somewhat of a factory process. The governance board should establish a process that is consistent so that each application is archived in the same manner and so the follow on application teams can learn from their predecessor’s experiences. Establishing the governance board will instill the continuum of always looking for applications that are ready for archiving. The governance board will help senior management identify candidate applications that can be archived freeing up IT dollars for other purposes. They will also stay in step with the strategic business and IT direction as set by senior management and use that as a factor to identify potential archive opportunities.

At truSYZYGY, we understand application archiving and the great benefit it can bring to your company freeing trapped IT dollars that could be applied to other more valuable initiatives. Application archiving is a low risk high reward endeavor that will reduce your IT Technical Debt and allow you to continue to focus on keeping that competitive edge. Give us a call at truSYZYGY. We will be happy to discuss how application archiving can benefit your company and how we can get you on the road to spending your IT budget on those long desired new initiatives instead of spending it to keep those burdensome legacy applications running.